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History and Geography

Our History topic for the second half of the Spring term is the Atlantic Slave Trade.


I will be teaching you by Zoom every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.  Just click on the Zoom link given to you by Mr Denton. I will also post any useful resources for each lesson on this page.  For each lesson you will need a pencil and paper ready at your workspace before the lesson.  I will also ask you to send your work to Mr Denton and post some examples each week below.


Mrs Friedman

Lesson 2 02.03.21

Today we will look at the Triangular slave trade and learn about what each part of the trading system had to trade and what they wanted in return.  The task today is to look at the worksheet and use the 'wants' and 'has' cards to work out what was being traded by each trading area.  You do not have to hand anything in but I will be asking you next week at school what you can remember.  The slides and worksheets for the lesson are below and I have included a link to a short BBC clip.

Lesson 1  24.02.2021

For the lesson today I will be giving you an overview of the slave trade and you will define the term 'slave'.  Your task today is to watch the short clip below and think of three questions about the slave trade that you would like to find the answers to this half of term.  Please e-mail them to Mr Denton.



Lesson 1 slides

Map of the Atlantic Slave Trade

Useful Websites


Glossary (useful vocabulary)

Year 6 Geography Home Learning on South America

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