St Peter's CE School
St Peter's CE School
‘Invite, Include, Imagine, Inspire’ Our value this term is 'Hope' Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer Romans 12:12 Article 39 You have the right to help if you've been hurt, neglected or badly treated.


We are going to use the White Rose home learning videos for maths and I will upload follow up activities  for the children. 


We will be having a live lesson at 11:55 everyday to focus on key skills.


Monday Week 12 Lesson 1- To compare groups of objects.

1- Watch the video (link below)

2- I have added a worksheet for you to complete.

3- I have also added a challenge.

Comparing groups of objects worksheet

Our challenges today are based on the game snakes and ladders. 

Do you know the rules?

1. If you land on a ladder you can climb up to the top of the ladder.

2. If you land on a snakes HEAD you must slide all the way back down the snakes body to his tail.


There are 2 challenges. One is easier and the second is an extension. I have attached the answers too.


Please note I do not expect you to complete the challenges. They are there for you if you would like them though. 

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