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Parent letter 20th March

March 20th 2020


Dear Parents,

As you know school will close tomorrow at 3:30pm until further notice. 

This is not a goodbye but rather the beginning of a new way of being and supporting our children over the next few months.  We will be here supporting you through this time.  I know many of you are worried about how things are going to work out.  Unfortunately, we have had no guidance on how to work this out either, so for now we are just doing the best we can.


Thank you for the enormous kindness you have shown us over this last week.  No one knows what is really going on but the human spirit of compassion, understanding and support has been truly amazing.  I know each and every one of you are concerned, and at the moment there is no certainty, but together we will get through this.  Your children are fantastic -  resilient and resourceful, and they will adjust to not coming to school for a while.


For now, you will need to take more of a direct role in your children’s education. 

Our teachers will be working alongside you, ringing you regularly to check in and to talk to the children.  We have plenty of activities planned but we don’t want to bombard you with too much information at the moment.  We will send you regular updates of websites and work that the children can be doing, but for now just look on the school website .  At the moment the ideas can be found under the tab children and Easter work. 


Please don’t feel pressured to get started immediately into the school work.    As I am sure you understand it is a lot for the children to take in and make meaning from, they need time to process this just like us. 


The most important thing now is to reassure your children and spend some quality time with them, so they feel loved and safe.     Enjoy the time with them reading, cooking, making things, drawing and having fun.  They may not want to do much work for the first week or so and that is okay.  It is more important that they have time to adjust and get used to these new arrangements.  They will miss seeing and playing with their friends every day and this may be upsetting for some.  Reassure them they will see them soon and perhaps find ways that they can stay in contact over the phone so they feel connected. 


I want to say a huge big thank you to our staff team.  They have been truly amazing and have ensured continuity at school as well as having some fun.  They are all willing and ready to take on this next challenge together.  They will be coming into school on a rota system to support our key workers and vulnerable children.  A text was sent out this morning for you to ring us if you are a key worker. 


We are here for you so please reach out to us by emailing the school office at or leaving a message on the school phone 0207 186 0082 if you feel we can help. 


Please look after one another and check in with your friends regularly to make sure they are okay. 


We are holding you all in our thoughts and prayers


Sam Adcock

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