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‘Invite, Include, Imagine, Inspire’ Our value this term is: 'Hope' Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12 UN Rights of a Child Article 39: You have the right to help if you've been hurt, neglected or badly treated.

Year 6


You can find a whole load of information about year 6 here, including any letters you might need. If you have any ideas about what you'd like to see here, just let Mr Langridge know!

Easter revision guides

Over Easter, try and complete a small amount of revision each day. We recommend the following every day:


20 minutes of Maths (IXL/Mathletics/Revision guide)

20 minutes of grammar

20 minutes of reading

10 minutes of spelling


Remember to do lots of relaxing, too and spend some time with your family (i.e. not on your phone or iPad the whole time!).


We look forward to seeing you back on 16th April for the final stretch before our tests. Please remember, they are a chance to show off what you've learned and nothing to feel stressed about!

Our topic for Spring 2 - Out of Africa

Mathletics Homework tasks


Over the Christmas holidays, please make sure you complete the following units on Mathletics:


N - Number and Place Value: Prime or Composite; Place Value - Millions

N - Add and Subtract: Estimation: Add & Subtract; Negative or Positive?

N - Problem Solving: Order of Operations (BIDMAS)

N - Patterns and Algebra: Describing Patterns

G - Properties of Shapes & Position: Identify Parts of a Circle 1 & 2

Visit from past pupils!


Two of our previous pupils came back to talk to year 6 about what they can expect from secondary school. It's getting very close now, so it was good to hear from people who have made the leap from primary to secondary.


Although it sounds a bit strict sometimes, we're looking forward to going!


Our topic - November 2017



We've got an exciting topic on the way all the way until Christmas - you can read all about what we're learning in the letter below!


Image result for human heart

Isle of Wight Information


Follow the link to find out more about where we're going in June!

Mathletics homework 18/09/2017


Please complete the 'Rounding Numbers' and 'Place Value - Millions' topics. 

Making Mayan Headdresses

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The Talent Show raised £121 for Sport Relief and the Eggzhibition raised £350 for the PTA. Thank you everyone!