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Year 6 Music Home Learning 15 June 2020


We will begin with Anna Meredith to inspire you. She created this last year:


Quick Quiz:

What instrument is the first person playing, kneeling down beside the rail track?

What instrument is the second person playing sitting on the floor?

What is the last instrument you see being played?


Anna is a British composer and performer. Born in North London, she moved to Scotland at the age of two. She completed her Music degree at University of York and gained her master’s degree at the Royal College of Music. Watch these two videos to learn from her the concepts of pulse and rhythm.


Quick Quiz:

How does Anna Meredith first appear in the video?

What does Anna use first to make music?

Ruby uses the following words to make her rhythm:


Once you’ve watched the cartoon, scroll down to watch the video where Anna introduces her body percussion piece Connect It


Quick Quiz 2:

What instruments are used in Connect It?

How does the piece begin?

The piece finishes with “Yea!” and all the players with their arms:

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