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Science Investigations

I will be adding some fun science investigations each week and the purpose of this is to get children excited about science.


Make sure you have an adult with you at all times.

This is a really great website which as a range of great science experiments, art, DT, music, cooking and more. 
Summer 2

Week 1- Reversing Arrow

Light Refraction Science Experiment

A super cool and easy way to explain light refraction that will blow your children's minds!

Summer 1 

Ryan create Tornado in the bottle science experiments for Kids!!!

Children can learn how to make tornado and learn all about How Do Tornadoes Form??? Easy and simple science experiments for kids to do at home!!! Fun Educati...

Week 4 Science Investigation- Walking Water

Walking Water Science Experiments for Kids!!!

Walking Water Science Experiments for Kids with Ryan ToysReview!! Children will learn about how water travel up the paper towels through a process called cap...

Week 3 Science Investigation- Sundial

Let's Do Science: Sunny Sundials

In this activity, families will make two different kinds of sundials to help tell the time using only the sun; one using their bodies and the sun to track th...

Week 2 Investigation- Lava Lamps

How to Make Lava Lamp at Home! Homemade Easy Science Experiments for Kids!!!

How to Make A HomeMade Lava Lamp at Home! Easy Science Experiments for Kids with Ryan ToysReview! Ryan have fun doing a simple and easy DIY lava Lamp!!!

Make a Balloon Rocket

This week, experiment with balloons and learn how you can make your very own rocket with Jessi and Squeaks! ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us,...

Balloon Rocket Investigation

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