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Music Home learning:


Song to sing

I know Christmas is nearly over but this song is just great. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



Music for the next activity you will enable you to play with sound, rhythm, melody and more. You can start playing instantly, whether you’re on a tablet, phone, or laptop. You will manipulate sound to give you a new perspective on music and make you more curious about maths, science and coding. 


Begin with Song Maker. To make a song, add notes by clicking the grid. Then, share your song with a link. You can also use a MIDI keyboard or sing a note into your mic. You can also use your computer keys. Press the arrow keys to move, enter and backspace to add and remove notes, and spacebar to play. 


Next try Rhythm. Rhythms are patterns of sound in time. The most common rhythms repeat every four beats, but it can also be every three, five, six, or more. Click on the grid to build your own rhythms. 

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