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Lesson five: Why is pilgrimage so important to many Hindus?


A pilgrimage is a special journey that people may go on to feel closer to their religion. Many people from many different religions go on pilgrimages, and Hindus are no different.


First of all, put these reasons for making a pilgrimage in order of how important you think they are:


\ To remember special people (saints);

\ To fix the mind on God and to glorify Him;

\ For spiritual development and to gain spiritual merit;

\ For purification and atonement of sins;

\ For meeting and taking guidance from holy people;

\ To perform specific religious rites;

\ For self-reflection and contemplation;

\ For an uplifting and memorable experience (spiritual inspiration).


Watch the video about Kumbh Mela, the biggest Hindu pilgrimage on Earth.


Your task:

Imagine that you are a Hindu going on Kumbh Mela. Write a diary entry about the day, including what you do and how you are feeling.



End of Unit activity


What does it mean to be a Hindu?


Create a spider diagram of everything that you know about Hindus, and write a Code of Goodness - a code of how to be a good Hindu, ie always be compassionate, always be truthful, etc.

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