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Lesson two: What can we learn from Hindu values?


What do you think it takes to be naughty? See if you can create a freeze frame of you acting out something naughty to someone in your family so that they can guess what it is. 


Now have a think about what it takes to be good. Act out your ideas and make a note of them!


Hindus follow a set of values in their every day lives to help them to be good people.


Research Hindu values and find out what things they do to be good.


Have a think - could you live your life by any of the values you have found? For example, could you be vegetarian? Is there anything that you do already which is a Hindu value? Maybe the religion you follow has some of the same values. Tick the values that you already follow.


See if you can follow any Hindu values over the weekend to help yourself become an even better person. You might even find that you like it and keep it up forever!

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