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Lesson 3: What is Karma and how does it affect the life of a Hindu?


What do you think Karma is? Quickly write down your ideas or tell them to a family member.


Hindus believe that every reaction has a reaction - there are consequences for everything we do - this is called Karma.


This means that if we are unkind to people, or behave badly, there will be a consequence for our actions that will stop us from behaving like this again.


Think about a time in your life when you have done something that you shouldn't have. What were the consequences? How did you feel about yourself? How did it make other people feel?


Your task:

Create an action and reaction table with what you think might happen to a person who does these things. You can always come up with more actions of your own if you complete them all.


Action Reaction
Saying unkind things to people People will be hurt and won't want to be friends with you.
Taking away people's friends  
Hurting other people  
Not believing what other people say and ignoring their advice  
Telling lies  


This is how Karma works. If you do something unkind or bad, there will be a consequence for your actions. It doesn't mean that if my brother hits me, I am allowed to hit him back, but that Karma will create a natural reaction.



Write your definition of Karma and how it changes people's behaviour.

How does it affect your behaviour?

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